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High-Tech Company Focusing On Artificial Intelligence

Established on January 17, 2014, Madrid Makers is a well-known high-tech company focusing on artificial intelligence industry solutions and software development.

It has successfully developed artificial intelligence manufacturing solutions, face recognition software, OCR recognition software, and video security. Products such as protective systems.

The company holds a number of software copyrights and patents in IT technology, and has passed double-soft certification.

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Enterprise Features

Product customization and comprehensive solutions

  • Artificial intelligence industry solutions
  • Industrial intelligent detection system
  • Face recognition, portrait tracking
  • Security deployment, video processing technology
  • OCR character recognition

Expertise and efficient response

  • The team's professional R & D technicians account for more than 85%,
  • In product innovation research and development, software development and implementation,
  • System maintenance services, etc.
  • With professional strength and competitive advantage.

Security concept, node guarantee

  • System security, software security
  • Fund security, transaction security
  • Storage security, server security

One-stop caring service

  • Strong pre-sales and after-sales team
  • Efficient communication and docking
  • Respond promptly and promptly
  • Comprehensive technical guidance
Madrid Makers has hundreds of professional technical R & D personnel, customers throughout the country and at home and abroad, in the United States, Germany, Singapore, Dubai, Russia, the Philippines and so on. There are also many successful cases in overseas markets.
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