About Madrid Makers

Well-known high-tech companies focusing on artificial intelligence industry solutions, software development.

Our History - AI Company

Madrid Makers is a technology company focused on artificial intelligence, which helps companies solve the most difficult business challenges by developing various artificial intelligence application platforms. Madrid Makers is composed of a group of enthusiastic computer scientists and information engineers. The technical team specializes in artificial intelligence, data analysis and decentralized systems.

Madrid Makers deploys the world's most advanced machine learning to help you see new and valuable insights from your data. With Madrid Makers, you can track the development and change of actual events. We add power to your system today and build a bridge to your future system.

Innovate by connecting business problems to technology promise

The result is that you can take action to gain insights, avoid risks, and manage inefficient insights-generated with unprecedented accuracy, transparency and speed.

Foresee the opportunity. Beyond the threat. Enhance elasticity. Make the most of human wisdom. And make the most of corporate data. Used in financial services, healthcare and the public sector.

Enterprise Features

Product customization and comprehensive solutions

  • Artificial intelligence industry solutions
  • Industrial intelligent detection system
  • Face recognition, portrait tracking
  • Security deployment, video processing technology
  • OCR character recognition

Expertise and efficient response

  • The team's professional R & D technicians account for more than 85%,
  • In product innovation research and development, software development and implementation,
  • System maintenance services, etc.
  • With professional strength and competitive advantage.

Security concept, node guarantee

  • System security, software security
  • Fund security, transaction security
  • Storage security, server security

One-stop caring service

  • Strong pre-sales and after-sales team
  • Efficient communication and docking
  • Respond promptly and promptly
  • Comprehensive technical guidance